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About us

Loewe Verlag was founded in 1863 by Ferdinand Loewe. In 1965, Volker Gondrom took over the business. It was under his leadership that Loewe Verlag acquired its current shape, which has allowed it to become one of the largest and most successful publishers of books for children and young people in the German-speaking area. Christoph Gondrom joined the company in April 2012 as the third generation of the Gondrom family in the business.
Loewe seeks to provide quality books that enrich the lives of children and young people. Our aim is to encourage children to read and improve their reading skills. In 1975 Loewe introduced a reading scheme called Leseleiter [Reading Ladder], which provides a programme of books for different reading levels. This programme was revised in 2012 in line with the latest methods for teaching reading skills. Nowadays, the Leselöwen [Reading Lion] umbrella brand still leads the market in the early reader segment. Authors such as Isabel Abedi, Julia Boehme, Antonia Michaelis or Cornelia Funke feature here.
Some of the most important elements of our programme are successful series, such as Isabel Abedi‘s Lola and Franziska Gehm‘s Die Vampirschwestern (the Vampire Sisters), both of which have also been made into films. Sabine Zett‘s funny Hugo novels have allowed us to make good headway with another of our target groups – boys.
Books for young people have also been successfully developed by Loewe: Ursula Poznanski’s thriller Erebos was awarded the German Youth Literature Prize, and has been translated into more than 30 languages so far. In addition, Agnes Hammer and Janet Clark are among Loewe’s successful authors, providing a fresh and thrilling approach to controversial themes in their novels.
In 2009, Loewe expanded its programme with its script5 imprint which offers a selection of fiction and crossover titles.
Today, our programme covers all ages - ranging from the very young and early readers to middle grade, YA and crossover fiction. It features both realistic and fantastic literature as well as non-books and a growing creative segment. We are happy to be able to work with well-known and established authors but are always keen to find and build new talent and author brands.